Thursday, March 24, 2011

Book of Ruth #1

Over the month of February my church did a series on the book of Ruth titled, "Songs of Love". It was split into I think a 5 part series but I can't find my church bulletin for week there may only be 4 but for some reason I think there was 5.


I was pumped up about this series. I have always wanted to study the Book of Ruth, but never have. Not sure why. Either way, I couldn't wait. I have told you before about my church and how awesome the music is. Well, for these series' they picked fun songs to lead into the regular worship music. Since the Book of Ruth was split into several weeks, each week there was a a focus theme. Week #1 was Faithfulness. So this awesome choir member sang this song, this is the actual video from the service. Love it! His name is Donovan Duke, I encourage you to follow him on you tube.

Wasn't that awesome? I seriously think he should be on American Idol.

Ok, back to Ruth.

I knew that the book of Ruth was a love story, but I think I expected a twilight version. Boy, was I wrong! LOL! However, I still loved the series and learned so much.

Being Faithful.

Faithfulness- a conviction based in truth that shows up in action.

Nancy Reagan was once quoted, " A woman is like a tea bag; you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water. " I love that, and I think that has a lot to do with faithfulness.

From church bulletin- 'In every relationship, particularly marriage, there are times when those in the relationship must be faithful, regardless of the challenge.' In my opinion this doesn't mean infidelity. This means every day faithfulness. faithfulness to BE THERE.
Thick and thin. Better or worse.
My challenge every week is going to church alone. Just me and Hayden. I love it once I am there and in my seat, but I strongly dislike walking into the church and walking to my seat alone. There is even more uncomfortableness when a couple sits on my row pretty close to me. I feel like everyone is looking at me wondering why I am alone. Truth is, my husband would go with me if asked, but that is not the right reason is it? He still goes occasionaly, but a majority of the time I am alone. I have struggled in the past with this, but you know what. God is always there for me, and he teaches me faithfulness. I will be there for my husband. I will pray for him diligently, I will be praying for his spirit. I will not pray that he goes to church with me because that is selfish. I will pray for his spirit and for God to lay something on his heart.
Psalm 37:4 He will provide all the desires of your heart.
The hardest thing for us as followers is to realize that God will provide, only, in his time. Not mine.
Stay tuned for Week two of the Book of Ruth: the song of Grace.

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